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Asset Management

  • Investment Policy Statement created based on financial plan
  • Investment portfolio created based on your IPS. 
  • As a fee only firm, trades are only made for your benefit
  • Portfolio is managed based on asset allocation principles
  • Trusted custodians such as Charles Schwab and TD Ameritrade are used
  • Reporting is simplified with our consolidated, detailed quarterly reports 
  • Our firm is on call to assist you with any financial issue
  • Periodic revisions to financial projections are included in management fee
  • Fees start at 1% per year with a minimum of $1,250 per year

For clients that desire ongoing asset management services, we develop a Investment Policy Statement based on the previously created financial plan. Then we implement the agreed upon strategy and actively supervise your investment portfolio.  Most of our clients use Charles Schwab as custodian.  In special instances when established trusts are involved that prohibit the use of these custodians, we will use another custodian.  We can also arrange to include your retirement plans, such as 401ks and 403bs, as well as annuities in our asset allocation management.

Each day, we download investment data into our portfolio management software, which allows us to carefully monitor all of your portfolios.  We make investment trades only when we determine that it is necessary and we work within the agreed upon asset allocation.  Because we are fee only and not compensated by commissions, you will never have to wonder if trades are being placed for your benefit or ours. 

At the end of each quarter we send you a detailed quarterly report.  It consolidates all of your accounts into one easily read statement that clearly shows exactly how much is invested in each investment and what the investment performance has been for the past quarter.  It also tells you what the overall return has been since we began working with your investments. 

Asset management clients have access to all of our firms resources to address any financial issue.  Should you refinance your mortgage?  What’s the best way to pay for a new car?  We will provide you with timely, objective counsel.   Generally, it is our experience that we meet more frequently early in the relationship as your plan is put into place and then less frequently as your plan progresses.  As life changes or specific issues arise, we are there for you and will be available to meet as frequently as your needs require.  Approximately every three years (or more frequently, as your changing circumstances dictate), we will revise the financial projections that were initially created for you.  This service is also included in the asset management fee.  If you want an ongoing, full-service relationship with an objective and experienced fee only financial planning firm, then our asset management service may be for you.  Our asset management fees start at 1% of assets under management per year with a minimum of $1,250 per year. For portfolios larger than $500,000, the fee is reduced as the portfolio size increases.

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