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Wealth Management

While the principles usually remain the same, as our wealth grows, the tools and techniques to manage it become more complex and time consuming.  Apart from family and personal issues, our country’s tax code, alone, almost demands increased sophistication in everything from wealth transfer and charitable giving to business succession and tax planning.  Because we are often the advisor with the most comprehensive understanding of all facets of your finances and life goals, we not only provide counsel but also we can coordinate with your CPA and attorneys.  Think of a quarterback, who directs the huddle, knows when to pass or run, and when to hand off to a specialist.  Only now, the end zone becomes your objectives – the things that make your life fulfilling.  Our lives are not defined by our money and those that place the accumulation of riches as their chief purpose in life, wind up disappointed.  None the less, money is a tool.  The more of it with which we are entrusted, the more opportunity we have.  It’s our privilege to come along side families as they use their resources productively to live fulfilling personal lives and to help others.

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