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Comprehensive Financial Plan

  • We gather extensive personal and financial information to thoroughly analyze your current financial situation
  • We work with you to clarify and refine both your personal and family goals and objectives. Detailed  financial projections are created
  • Questions such as ‘When can I retire?’ and ‘What do I have to do to make it happen?’ are answered
  • We provide an objective analysis of your current investments and suggest specific changes when called for.
  • We review your current insurance and estate planning to make sure they fit your goals.
  • This process takes an average of four to six weeks, including a minimum of two meetings
  • Fees start at $1,500 for simple retirement projections and are based on the complexity of your specific situation

Before we create your financial plan, we get to know you as few other advisors do.  This is why we want to know more than your finances.  We want to know how you picture your future and what will provide you with lasting fulfillment.  In short, we want to know what it is that if we do it for you, you will be deeply thankful you chose us to help.

Your plan will include two basic sections.  The first is a thorough assessment of your current finances - how well your current efforts are moving you towards each of your personal objectives.  We provide detailed financial projections, with action steps to help you pursue your dreams.  This is where we answer questions such as, ‘Will I be able to retire at age 60?’ and ‘What impact will the sale of our business have on our financial future?’  We will provide specific recommendations on a broad range of issues from insurance, education planning, business planning, and estate planning.  Our financial projections are very precise to the point of calculating the tax deductions for property taxes, charitable giving, and home mortgages.

The second part of your financial plan involves objectively evaluating your current investments. Then, in light of the financial projections, when necessary, we create a revised asset allocation along with specific investment recommendations.  Because we are a fee only firm, none of our recommended investments will have front-end commissions or back-end surrender charges.

Because the future is unpredictable and “average” numbers for investment return and inflation never represent the real world, we incorporate Monte Carlo simulations that provide more realistic variable outcomes resulting from specific choices you make.  Instead of showing one linear line of growing net worth, a Monte Carlo simulation runs literally thousands of different scenarios resulting in a more realistic range of future financial outcomes.  It helps answer questions such as ‘What if I retire just before another 1973-74 or 2000-2003 in the market?’ or ‘What if inflation hits double digits?’ or “What if investment returns are above average and inflation stays low?’

We prepare financial plans without the expectation that you will hire us to do further work.  Therefore, if you want an objective, comprehensive and detailed analysis of your current financial situation resulting in specific recommendations that you can implement or we can implement for you, hiring our firm may be exactly what you need.  Our fees for creating a comprehensive financial plan start at $1,500. After meeting with you, we will quote a specific fee based on the amount of time and expertise required.

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